Since 2008, 100 % Pure Hard Training, a community-based doping prevention method aimed at reducing doping use among fitness centre visitors, has been used nationwide by Swedish municipalities. The method is developed by STAD and includes training staff in fitness centres, policy work, enforcement and cooperation between key stakeholders, i.e. staff in fitness centres, the police and municipal prevention coordinators.

In 2015, STAD initiated a large scale evaluation of 100 % Pure Hard Training. The evaluation study consists of two parts:

1. An implementation study, with the aim to analyse how the implementation of 100 % Pure Hard Training has been carried out, with a focus on barriers and success factors. Data will be collected through interviews with key stakeholders participating in 100 % Pure Hard Training; staff in fitness centers, police and municipal prevention coordinators. The study also includes interviews with former users of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and growth hormones. The interviews will focus on the informants’ views on the functionality of the method, attitudes on and experiences of doping.

2. A quasi-experimental control group study, with the aim to measure whether the method has led to changes in the prevalence of doping among visitors in the fitness centers where the method has been implemented. The study includes an intervention group and a control group. The intervention group consists of 27 fitness centres that recently started using the method, while the control group consists of 28 fitness centres that are not using the method. Data will be collected through a questionnaire that visitors to the fitness centres are asked to fill in anonymously. The questionnaire consists of questions regarding doping use (AAS and growth hormone), illicit drug use, use of nutritional supplements and attitude towards doping regulation and prevention.

The evaluation study is ongoing and will be completed in 2017. 

The assessment studies are funded by The Public Health Agency of Sweden

For more information on the assessment study please contact ann-sofie.bakshi@ki.se