Alcohol Prevention in stadiums and sport arenas

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 Alcohol Prevention in stadiums and sport arenas.

Lower levels of intoxication increase security and prevent violent crimes in connection with sporting events.

Supporter Violence Project was started in 2015 and is funded by the Public Health Authority and Systembolaget's Council for Alcohol Research (SRA).

Supporter Violence was previously classified as a problem mainly for the clubs but is now designated as a social problem to which many stakeholders and operators must jointly act to curb its development. Fear of violence also affects people's ability to be in public areas, both before, during and after an event. Research and experience also show that there is a link between alcohol consumption and violent crime.

To work on prevention with sports arenas, we will use the methods developed and evaluated in similar projects STAD has had. The project aims to prevent violence at sports events by:

-Develop, implement, and evaluate a coordinated, long-term alcohol and drug prevention program.

-Reduce levels of intoxication and increase security in the stadiums.

In 2015, we will conduct an analysis of the needs and a survey, mapping the problem, comprising of various studies. We will, amongst other things, implement testing of blood-alcohol levels at top level football matches. In addition, we will interview and questionnaire various key stakeholders and other interested parties.

For more information about the project please contact Erika Sjöblom