ÖPP (now EFFEKT) - was developed by researchers at Örebro University, and aims to reduce binge drinking among youth in grades 7-9. In short, ÖPP consists of 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentations given to parents by trained presenters during the school's annual parent teacher meetings and throughout the entire school curriculum. During the presentations there is an emphasis on the importance of a clear and restrictive approach by parents when it comes to teens and alcohol. STADs randomized study of ÖPP was conducted from 2007-2010 and funded by the National Institute of Public Health. The study was conducted using 87 classes in forty schools in 13 counties, and 34 local ÖPP presenters.

Results from the study are published in scientific journals Addiction, Health Education and Substance Use and Misuse. The articles are included in the thesis “Evaluation of a Swedish parental prevention programs: Youth drunkenness, alcohol-specific parenting and gender differences”, presented at Karolinska Institutet November 20, 2014. Read the thesis here.

Bodin, M.C. and Strandberg, A.K. (2011). The Örebro prevention programme revisited: a cluster-randomized effectiveness trial of programme effects on youth drinking. Addiction 106(12):2134-2143. Abstract.

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The results of the ÖPP study are also described in a STAD report.


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